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Runes have been around for a long time as a form of communication

Runes have been around for a long time as a form of communication.   Runes stand for different meanings which is a type of alphabet or language.  The Traditional meaning for the Rune Uruz Uruz the rune of Strength  and New Beginnings. Growth is supported by the  Universe and Self. This rune is one that represents inner strength. Strength shines through  during new beginnings or new times of development. A time of growth and  development stands ahead new ideas and concepts coming forward. Positive happy thoughts  help to increase strength. Let go of the negative hates  and harsh emotions  to allow light and love  back in to strengthen you. Strengthen the Self, the Self is You. Fill your mind with positive emotions, information and new ideas for growth.
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Ansuz Rune means Signals or receiving messages

Ansuz Rune  means Signals.   Receiving messages  signals and  gifts  in the  future.

Berkana represents Growth which is symbolic for different types of growth

Berkana represents Growth.  This can be both  symbolic  for different  types of growth,  spiritual, emotional,  material as well as fertility.

Algiz is the Rune of Protection

  Algiz is the  Rune of Protection.  It also represents  control  over emotions  while battling  with the self.